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Oh Baby Boxes Subscription Box Review

I was recently gifted Oh Baby Boxes and asked to share my thoughts. And here's my honest opinion!

This is my first time pregnancy and it's been daunting with all of the different products to choose from out there on the market! And as many of you know, you get a lot of advice from other mamas out there but the truth of the matter one pregnancy is the same! Which makes the choices even more difficult and EXPENSIVE!

What I love about these boxes is that they are curated especially for you and whatever stage of pregnancy you're in, including postpartum! They ship you more than $100+ worth of products for around $40/mo + free shipping.

To me this is a no-brainer because I've already thrown away at least $50 worth of belly serums alone because I don't like the smell or it was uncomfortable and you can't return these items and I don't have any pregnant friends to pass items along to. So getting to try different products at a lower price just makes sense to me and you get some products you may have never thought of getting!

Here are a few products from the box I felt worth mentioning:

Chloe Emerald Rose Quartz Gua Sha + Mindful Mixtures Peace Out Essential Oil

These are two products I would've never thought to have picked up for myself. My mind is so focused on what to do for the baby that I don't stop to think about taking care of mama.

These two products were such a nice pampering addition. If you haven't tried Rose Quartz facial products, I highly recommend them. It's so soothing on your face muscles.

The Peace Out essential oil is such a lovely and light fragrance that honestly helps me unwind as often my mind is running a million miles a minute of all the things I need to do!

AMNH Stretch Mark Belly Serum

I LOVE THIS one. As I mentioned earlier, I've been in search of a good belly serum and wasted a whole lot of money on ones that don't work on me. I've done countless internet searches for reviews of the best ones but you just never know unless you try.

Now how effective is it on stretchmarks? Only time can really tell but from first use, it's one of my faves so far. It doesn't leave a sticky oily residue behind like most serums. It's light and goes on smooth like an facial emulsion. And it smells so nice.

Mama Waist Extender

I can see the appeal of this product. It definitely helps cut down on added expenses of having to buy new pants! Which maternity clothes can tend to be expensive for such a short term use.

However, this was not my favorite product. Given that as a pregnant woman, you need to visit the ladies room often, and this kind of belts you in and is not as quick and easy as I would like for it to be.

Root'd Prenantal Multivitamin Mix

So we can't all be winners. This one wasn't a favorite of mine but I already knew that going in because I'm not a huge fan of ginger so this drink did not go down easy for me.

Although, I am a huge fan of easy and superfoods and I love the idea of getting in my electrolytes easier. So this may not have been the flavor for me, but I would definitely check out the other flavors they have to offer!

How cute are these milestone blocks?! Again, something I didn't know I wanted! And I can use with the baby once she's come into the world.

Overall, I definitely see the value in this service and I definitely would recommend a service like this for first-time mamas since we don't really know what to expect. It also makes for a great shower gift to your friends who are expecting.

Go check out more information on the Oh Baby Boxes website and give them a try!


Did you try out this service?

Let me know what you think!

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