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Contributor of DMV Foodie Crew, Best Food Feed and Foodie Tribe.

Official Seaweed Queen ambassador of Oh My Gim and Aqua Veggies!

I'm Not Your Average Influencer

What sets me apart from other social media influencers? Nearly 20 years of marketing experience.


On average, your social media influencers are individuals turned marketing experts.

I am an experienced marketing professional turned social media influencer. I've been in your shoes on the business side and understand what is needed to elevate your brand presence and how to use the marketing tools and resources to build the awareness and engagement you're seeking.

As the a Marketing Consultant, I have the knowledge and backing of true experienced marketing professionals.

Work With Me

Influencer Marketing

Let's Collab!

Through a collaboration with me, you'll not only get original and creative content, but active engagement with potential leads of more than10k Instagram users. 

Collaboration opportunities can include ideas such as:

  • Unique photos and content

  • Video content

  • Recipe creation and feature

  • Product and restaurant reviews.

  • Instagram


Average Weekly Stats

22,500+  Impressions

3,800 +   Engagement


46.0%     25-34 yo

20.3%     18-24 yo

19.7%     35-44 yo


58.1%    Women

41.9%     Men

49.0%     USA

9.4%       Canada

7.4%       India

4.4%       Australia

2.4%       UK


Marketing Services

Let's Discover All of Your Marketing Opportunities!

Let's build a relationship beyond influencer marketing. With my marketing services, I'll provide you with a full service marketing opportunities to help you with all of your needs.