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Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Looking for a wifi baby monitor? Here's my honest review about Lollipop Baby Camera.

I was given the opportunity to review Lollipop's Smart Wifi Baby Monitor and here are my Pros and Cons.


  • Aesthetic. It's one of the most aesthetic camera. It's simple sleek design has the cutest packaging packaging. And it comes in 3 different colors.

  • Flexible. It's literally flexible so you can hook it almost anywhere! The base is an easy flex that you can:

    • Wrap around the crib rails

    • Roll it at the base and let it be it's own stand

    • Or it comes with a cute tree branch wall hook that you can secure to the wall.

  • Crying and Noise Detection. It'll send an alert to your phone, tablet or desktop when your baby starts to cry or any loud noises are detected in the baby's environment.

  • Crossing Detection. Now I cant review this yet as my infant is only 4 months old but this feature is something I'm excited about for future use.

  • Night mode and video clarity. The camera provides a clear photo day and night! I was surprised at the quality of the video streamed to my device and it's smart enough to detect low light without having to manually adjust it.

  • Talk. I love that you can push to talk through the camera through their app! We live in a 3-story townhouse so if I'm on the bottom floor, I can reassure her while I'm trying to make it up the stairs.

  • Connectivity Speed. I was pleasantly surprised that the delay was only by about 5 seconds and the camera connects rather quickly when you open the app up.

  • Easy Installation. It's so easy to install. Just plug it in, download the app, connect to wifi and go. It comes with everything you need to mount it the way you want, wall, crib and it also comes with cable organizers.


  • Noise Detection. Unfortunately this one doesn't work as well for our situation. Our home faces a retirement community that often has ambulances, firetrucks and delivery trucks coming through so the noise is substantial. We also have a mini fridge in her nursery where we keep expressed milk and the motor runs constantly and we've found that the camera picks up that noise and sends us notifications on that regularly.

  • Wifi Capability. In a world where cybersecurity is a serious thing. It does make me nervous as to risk of having someone hack into the baby monitor but it is a risk for all wifi devices not just the baby monitor in general.

  • Must Keep App Open. In order to hear your baby cry or any other noises coming from the baby monitor, you have to keep the app open on your device, otherwise you will only receive notification alerts that something is happening. I've found that the app drains you device battery the same way as if you were streaming music from your device.


Overall, I really like this baby monitor a lot. It matches our nursery decor perfectly. It's easy to setup and use even for someone who's not tech saavy. The connection speeds are fast and the app has great features that you can unlock even more insights by subscribing to their premium so you can learn more about your baby's sleep cycle, etc.

These are my personal opinions and experiences. It is up to you to make the best decision for you and your little one. This site may contain affiliate links that I receive a commission if you buy something through my links. These commissions come at no extra costs for you.

Did you try it out?

Let me know your exerience!

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