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Superfruit Slushie

This 100% juice Superfruit slushie made with AMARUMAYA Buriti superfruit juice is filled with omegas and vitamins.

You can now quench your thirst while supporting the AMARUMAYU mission:

  • Fight Climate Change

  • Protect Biodiversity

  • Empower Indigenous Communities

AMARUMAYU Superfruit Juices are from the heart of the Amazon, by indigenous communities, using sustainable harvesting practices and helping mitigate climate change. They have two flavors.

Baruiti and Camu Camu. This recipe uses the Buriti superfruit which is combined with the Cocona Amazonian superfruit has slightly sweet exotic citrus taste and is a perfect alternative to orange juice.


2 Serving, Approx. 5 mins

What You'll Need

All You'll You Need To Do

  1. Blend all of your ingredients together.

  2. Garnish and enjoy!

  3. Enjoy!


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