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Getting Figgy Whiskey Sour Mocktail

Whiskey Sour is traditionally a drink with whiskey, lemon, sugar and egg whites for that picture-worthy foamy top.

My fig whiskey sour mocktail using Spiritless Whiskey Sour Pour-Over tastes like the real deal and is the perfect treat for sips without the next-day hangover.

Spiritless Cocktails

It's quite the difficult drink to duplicate flavors for a mocktail but Spiritless has mastered the non-alcoholic spirit! I don't know about you, but I'm often the designated driver to events and parties because I'm not typically the heavy drinker. But that doesn't mean I don't want a drink to sip on with all of my friends and club soda with lime just doesn't cut it!

It honestly has those familiar notes of caramel and oak that you come to love from a bourbon whiskey. They offer different spirit-less options from bottles of spirit-less whiskey, to pour-over mocktails.

Their pour-overs can be enjoyed over ice or straight from the can.


To Egg or Not to Egg. Egg whites is the traditional ingredient used to make that perfect foamy top; however, many are not comfortable with using raw ingredients for risk of salmonella or for your vegan-friendly drink. You can skip the egg and forgo that foam top. Or you can substitute it out with aquafaba which is the the liquid from canned chickpeas. For every egg white substitute in 2 Tbsp of aquafaba.


2 cocktails, Approx. 5 mins

What You'll Need

All You Need To Do

  1. Combine Fig preserves and water. Mix well until the preserves thin out.

  2. Combine all of your ingredients (except the cinnamon) into a cocktail shaker including the fig syrup

  3. Pour into your glass. You can serve neat or over ice.

  4. Spoon the foam over the top of your drink.

  5. Dust with cinnamon.

  6. Enjoy!


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