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Easy Pickled Daikon + Carrots

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I love pickles. Tangy, sweet, crunchy and refreshing. They're perfect accompaniment to dishes such as ramen. Korean BBQ and rice dishes.

It's also a great way to cool down your pallet as you consume spicy foods and you can use this with a homemade bánh mì recipe.


1 Medium Jar, Approx. 20 Mins Prep, 2-3 Days to pickle

What You'll Need

For the Pickles

  • 1 small Daikon

  • 2 Large Carrots

  • 2 tsp Salt

For the Vinegar

  • ⅓ Cup of Water

  • 1⅓ Tbsp of Sugar

  • 1⅓ White Vinegar

All You Need To Do

  1. Slice your vegetables in the shape that you like. The more popular way is to slice them into thin matchsticks. You can cut them into small cubes and in my case I used small cookie cutters to cut them into thin shapes. The thinner your cuts the faster they will pickle.

  2. Place your pickles in a strainer and add salt. Toss until they are fully covered and soak them for about 15 mins,

  3. Rinse your vegetables thoroughly and squeeze excess water out as much as you can.

  4. Place your vegetables into your jar.

  5. Bring your water to a boil in a small sauce pan.

  6. Add sugar until dissolved, then vinegar.

  7. Add your liquid to the jar until it full submerges your vegetables. If you do not have enough liquid, you can add more room temperature water to it.

  8. Close your jar and store at room temperature for 1 day.

  9. You can leave it out 2-4 days depending on how pickled your preference is.

  10. Once it's to your liking, place in the refrigerator. Your pickles can last up to 3 weeks. The longer you keep it the les of a crunch and the more sour it'll start to taste.

  11. Enjoy!


Did you make this recipe?

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